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Citizens for Responsible Government


Citizens for Responsible Government


We Did It ! Initiative Petition 2023-2 is now Measure 17-116 on the May 2024 Ballot

Thank you to all the circulators who collected signatures

(92% accuracy!)

and to those who signed!

Certification Letter


Now the Work Begins!

How can you help?

Simple: Volunteer! This will be a challenge to inform voters, fight off misinformation, and finally, to get out the vote in May. Check out our volunteer page. We are in the process of organizing. Bring your talents and ideas. 

Measure 17-116

If approved on the May 2024 ballot, this measure would repeal Josephine County’s current charter and replace it. The current County Charter was approved in 1981 with last amendments enacted in 1996.

Major differences with the current Charter are summarized:

  • Instead of three at-large Commissioners, there will be five Commissioners, four of which will be elected by and representative of districts. The fifth will be elected at-large.
  • Commissioners will be offered a stipend that is 15% of the circuit court judge salary. That is roughly $24,000 per year stipend for their service instead of  the current $85000 to 102000 salary plus benefits compensation.
  • A County Manager would be hired reporting to the Commissioners and would largely assume administrative duties.
  • The County Legal Counsel and the County Surveyor would be hired based on qualifications rather than being elected. This is more in line with other county governments both in Oregon and the nation.
  • All elective County positions will remain non-partisan assuring full participation of non-affiliated voters in choosing county leadership.
  • Eliminates sections in the current Charter that are not enforceable or legal or are covered by Oregon Constitution or state statute.